Larry Harris

Larry was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1938. Upon High School graduation he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, completing his military service in 1959.

He returned to Wichita and married hi High School sweetheart, Joretta. This union brought them five children and they settled in a small community in rural Kansas, were they are still living.

Larry worked as a technical illustrator for Cessna Aircraft Corporation in Wichita before moving to Arlington, Texas in 1967 as a graphic artist for LTV aerospace Corporation. In 1969 he bean studies with Richard Thompson, a well known Texas artist. In 1970 Larry commenced his fine arts career as a watercolorist.

Larry's shift from watercolr paintings to etchings was triggered in 1986 when Island International Artists in Washington State invited him to explore the possiblities of the printmaking process. Since then he has devoted most of his energies to the demanding and technically precise world of etching. Larry has not lost the qualities that made his paintings successful - strong composition and technique and the ability to create an emotional response within the viewer. Larry Harris' paintings and etchings are in collections throughout North America, Europe and Japan.

His watercolor paintings garnered awards from: Watercolor USA (Springfield, Missouri), National Artists in Watercolor Show (New York, NY), Wichita National Cenntenial Show (Wichita, Kansas), The National Small Painting Show (Albuquerque, New Mexico), Southwest Watercolor Society Show (Dallas, Texas), Midsouthern Watercolor Society Show (San Antonio, Texas), Annual Eight State Exhibit (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), and acceptance in numerous national and regional exhibitions.