Rob Schouten

Rob Schouten"I feel called to create images which make us aware of the sacred nature of our existence; to open for the viewer an experience which helps lift the veil of illusion of ordinary reality in order to reveal the underlying spiritual dimensions of life. My work often conveys a simultaneous sense of mystery and recognition and invite us to explore the archetypal nature of our human experience through insightful juxtapositions and metaphors. I hope to leave the viewer with a deeper understanding of who and why we are."

Rob Schouten was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He spent his early years playing and exploring the docks and quays of this city's vast port, letting his imagination wonder about the countries of origin of the large ships docked there. The son of an interior architect, Rob developed an interest in form, shape and pattern...and loved to draw. After completing High School he enrolled in the School for Graphic Arts in Utrecht and studied printing and Graphic design, graduating in 1977.

In the summer of 1976, Rob spent four months hitchhiking through the United States an discovered this countries breathtaking wilderness, especially in the West. Memories of these places distracted his focus from his design work in the advertising firm which hired him following his graduation. Feeling his talents were being wasted, Rob quit his job and moved to the U.S., settling in Seattle, Washington.

"Skylands I" etching by Rob Schoute.
In the spring of 1980, Rob began to make his living as an artist, selling his work at Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Three years later, he moved to Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound and started to pursue his career through galleries and distributors, initially in the Seattle area, Then in the San Francisco Bay area.

In order to reach a larger broader audience, Rob and his wife Victory started Great Path Publishing , the focus of which was to publish and promote posters, greeting cards and journals.

Feature articles about Rob's work have appeared in Magical Blend and Quest magazines, and his art has been on book and CD covers for Barbara Marx Hubbard, Cyrill Scott, Lama Anagrika Govinda, Steven Halpern, and many others. Most recently his work provided the stage backdrop and graphic identity for the Awakened World Conference 2001 in Palm Springs, California.

Aside from pursuing a personal career, Rob was a co-founder of the Seattle based Dharmic Engineers from 1983 to 1999, this artists' group produced a number of collaborative art works, most notably the Doorgani Project, an interactive installation of seven doors representing the seven chakaras, as well as a number of outdoor natural environmental installations. The Dharmic Engineers were the subject of a documentary film by director Satchi Royers depicting both of there aspects of the groups' collaborative work.

Early influences on Rob's work were the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, the Surrealists Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali and 19th century Symbolist artists. Perhaps more than these artist, Rob's work has been influenced by the work of Carl G. Jung, Joseph Campbell and his own studies of numerous Eastern traditions, primarily Buddhism.

Born December 22, 1956 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Degree in Graphic Design, School for Graphic Arts, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1977.
Immigrated to Seattle, WA., 1979.
Helped found artists' group Dharmic Engineers, 1983.

Selected Exhibitions
  • 2001 Featured artist - Awakened World 2001, Palm Springs, California
  • 2000 Tibet Support - Chin Lin Gallery, Laconia, New Hampshire
    Christmas Show - Bayview Gallery, Langley, Washington
  • 1997 Group Show - Dharmic Engineers & Lauraine Ayers-Briel - Bayview Gallery. Langley, Washington
    Waking Up - East/West Gallery, Mountain View, California
  • 1996 Group Show - Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, Washington
  • 1987 Prayers for Peace - White Light Gallery, New York, New York
  • 1985-87 Annual shows - Illuminarium Gallery, Corte Madera, California
  • 1984-93 Group Show - Kirsten Gallery, Seattle, Washington
  • 1984-87 Annual shows - Carolyn Hartness Gallery, Seattle, Washington

Collaborations & Associations

  • 2000 Wolf Love: hand made book of poetry with poet Victory Lee Schouten
  • 1998 Intaglio Workshop - Island International Artists, Anacortes, WA.
    Designed and created visual environment for Whidbey Island Poetry Festival, Langley, WA.
  • 1997 Doorgani installation - Westlake Park, Seattle, WA., Artist Edge Festival, Seattle, WA., Choochokam Festival, Langley, WA., Occidental Square installation, Seattle, WA., Dance on Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.
  • 1996 Communion nature installation - Big Rock Garden, Bellevue, WA.
  • 1992 Psyclotron installation - Second Story Gallery, Seattle, WA.
  • 1987 Quetzalcoatl Cathedral installation - Le Club Hit, Seattle, WA.
  • 1983-present Darmic Engineers Periodic exhibitions
Cover Art: Books
  • Buddhist Reflections by Lama Anagarika Govinda
  • You Forever by T. Lopsang Rampa
  • Inner Journeys by Jay Earley
  • One Year Manual by Israel Regardie
  • An Ethic for the Age of Space by Lawrence LeShan
  • Jungian Archetypes by Robin Robertson-
  • Beginners Guide to Revelation
  • Beginners Guide to Jungian Psychology
  • Living the Wheel by Annabel Nelson
  • The Initiate by Cyril Scott-
  • The Initiate in the New World
  • The Initiate in the Dark Cycle
  • The Hunger of Eve By Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Astrology and the Spiritual Path by Bruno & Louise Hubbard
  • Zanshin by Vince Morris
  • The Lotus in the City by David Fontana
  • The New Plague, Friends in High Places, Have Fun at Work by William Livingston

Cover Art: CD's

  • Deja Blues by Steven Halpern
  • In the Land of Dreams by John Huling
  • Ascension by Dean Evanson
  • The Gateway by Ralph Illenberger

Cover Art: Magazines

  • Quest (cover and article)
  • Magical Blend (cover and article)
  • Creation Spirituality
  • Common Ground
  • Nexus
  • Inquiring Mind